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Rosewill 1800W Induction Cooker Cooktop , Included 10" 3.5 Qt 18-8

Rosewill 1800W Induction Cooker Cooktop - Included 10
Cook with the power of a magnetic field. If you can stick a magnet to your cookware you can cook with our Induction Cooktop. Induction cooker is an energy Efficient cook top. Your cookware heats up faster thus reduce your cooking time. It saves your time, money and use of energy. It also features a three-hour timer setting, beautiful polished crystal plate surface, 1800W and heat up to 450 °F. With the Induction Cooktop, you can braise, deep frying, stir frying, roast, fry, and even boil water. Try our new design Rosewill elegant induction cooker today! Specifications   • Color: Black with Gold Pattern   • 8 Power Levels from 300 to 1800 Watts: 300w, 500w, 700w, 1000w, 1200w, 1400, 1600w, 1800w   • Polished Crystal Plate Surface   • LED Large Screen Display, 4 Digitals   • 8 Temperature Settings from 150 to 450°F : 150°F, 200°F, 260°F, 300°F, 350°F, 400°F, 425°F, 450°F   • Three-Hour Timer Setting   • Touching Control Panel   • Cookware Suitability Detection   • Stainless Steel Pot Included   • Overheating Protection Function   • Max. Support Weight: 17.6LBS   • Safety Compliance: ETL/FCC   • Stainless Steel Pot   • Pot Opening Size: 10.83"   • Pot Bottom Size: 7.6"   • Pot Depth: 3.54"   • Capacity: 3.5 Quart Please Note: Not every cookware piece will work with induction cooktop. If a magnet sticks well to the sole of the pan, it will work on an induction cooktop. Please avoid using any cookware made with aluminum, glass or copper.
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Multifunctional Portable 1800 Watt Powerful Induction Cooktop with Quick

Multifunctional Portable 1800 Watt Powerful Induction Cooktop with Quick Heat Technology Commercial Grade Quality Induction Burner
Cook, boil, fry or simmer quickly and conveniently with the Kitchen PROP Portable Multifunction Induction Countertop Burner with New TouchPad Control. The sleek, lightweight design looks great on any countertop while creating amazing cooking results. The induction method means you’ll be able to speed up cooking times without compromising flavor or power consumption. The black glass top is easy to clean and is scratch resistant to pots and pans. The touch control center gives you complete control over cooking temperature and timer, and includes five convenient modes: hot pot, fry, BBQ, milk, water. Spend more time dining with your family and less time working over a hot stove. The design is attractive enough to use at the table or buffet to keep pots warm. It’s also great as an extra burner when preparing multiple dishes for a large gathering or family dinner. The sensor touch control panel is curved to ensure that you can see it and safely control the settings, even when using larger pots and pans. Features: - Built-in timer prevents burning or overcooking; can be set from 1 - 180 minutes - 5 multifunction can be selected - Compatible with induction ready cookware (not all cookware works with induction. If your cookware attracts a magnet it is induction ready.), such as steel and cast iron; those made of glass, ceramic, aluminum, or copper will not work. - Advanced technology uses New TouchPad to control your KitchenPROP Induction Countertop Burner - Safety features include auto shutdown if no pan is detected, timer and overheat protection, low and high voltage warning with troubleshooting system - high efficiency for power conversion - accommodate post and pans from 4-10inches in diameter  - voltage: 110-120V; watts: 1800  
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Copper Chef Induction Cooktop (Copper)

Copper Chef Induction Cooktop (Copper)
The secret to Induction Technology. Special coils are engineered right into the cook top. Each coil generates an electromagnetic field to conduct current through your cookware and directly into your food. The Copper Chef Induction Cook top works with any magnetic cookware. If a magnet sticks to the bottom of a pan, the pan will work with induction. Whether you're looking for some extra cooking space at home or you want a portable way to cook on the go, the Copper Chef 1,300W induction cooktop is the solution. Used with your induction pans, this cooktop is equally effective and useful in the kitchen, in an office, or in a dorm room. Five temperature presets offer cooking flexibility, while a timer and auto-shutoff function further simplify operation. From Copper Chef.
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Black Professional Portable Induction Cooktop Counter Top Burner Cooker

Black Professional Portable Induction Cooktop Counter Top Burner Cooker
Compatible cookware such as cast aluminum enameled iron and steel, stainless steel with a magnetic bottom, or cast iron. The energy produced by the Midea Induction Cooktop is directly supplied to the cooking vessel by a magnetic field. Self-adjusting burners detect the size of the cookware base and automatically adjust so that very little energy is wasted. Induction Cooktop is fast and safe to use, easy to clean. This versatile cooktop is great for entertaining; use it as a stylish, elegant centerpiece on the table, for outdoor parties and in the kitchen as an extra cooking zone. Easy to Clean - 1 piece flat surface design makes cleaning as easy as possible. Versatile - Boil, simmer, fry, saute, steam, sear, slow cook, bbq, and more. Safe - Uses no flame or heating coils virtually eliminating the risk of fire. Induction technology heats the pan and immediately cools upon removal. Cook conveniently and professionally with this sleek portable induction cooktop. Digital timer 10-stage power settings Automatic safety shut-off switch High temperature protection 3 Hour timer Keep warm Temperature Setting - Fahrenheit Setting Low(176~212) Med-Low(212~266) Med(266F~374F) Med-High(374F~428F) High(428F~518F) Sear - 1500W Watt Range: 120-1500W
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Ovente Countertop Burner, Infrared Ceramic Glass Single Plate Cooktop, I

Ovente Countertop Burner - Infrared Ceramic Glass Single Plate Cooktop - Indoor and Outdoor Portable Stove - 1000 Watts (BGI201)
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Ovente Induction Cooktop Burner, Cool Touch Portable Ceramic Glass, Doub

Ovente Induction Cooktop Burner - Cool Touch Portable Ceramic Glass - Double - Black (BG62B)
Discover what the buzz of Induction Cookware is all about! With the Ovente Induction Cooktop, you no longer have to worry about uneven heat. It was carefully designed to evenly cook a variety of different foods without any cold or hot spots, while also losing less heat in the process. All you have to do is use it with suitable induction cookware such as cast iron, enameled steel or iron, and magnetic stainless steel cookware. To check if it will be compatible with this burner, make sure it has a flat bottom, then take a magnet and place it near the bottom of the pot or pan. If it sticks to the pot or pan, it is induction-capable. From quick stir-frys to creamy mushroom risottos, this burner can do it all at a fraction of the time! It boils water in a snap and shaves several minutes off of your normal cooking time because it heats up so rapidly. This is perfect kitchen tool for folks who are constantly pressed on time, or those who simply want more time to enjoy other activities. It also doesn’t need to be used just in the kitchen, it’s portable so you can take it anywhere you go—just make sure you have a power outlet when it’s time to use it. It’s also a low-noise burner, so you can cook at any time of the day without worrying about waking anyone up. Specifications: -Dimensions: 23.8 x 15.8 x 2.8 inches -Weight: 13.3 lbs -Wattage: 1800-Watts -Features: Touch Technology, 8 Variable Temperature Levels, 5 Programmed Timer Levels, Automatic Pan Detection, LED Digital Display Panel, Child Safety Lock, Hot Caution Light, Stay-Cool Ceramic Glass Surface, Low and High Voltage Warning System, Diagnostic Error Message System
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Eco4us - Induction Cooktop with 10 Temperature Levels and Digital Touch

Eco4us - Induction Cooktop with 10 Temperature Levels and Digital Touch Controls. Safe & Easy To Use
Whoever said, "A watched pot never boils" obviously wasn't using an induction cooktop. It's time to cook up some value with the Eco4us Induction Cooktop. Gone are the days of fiddling with pesky gas burners - thanks to the magnetic power of the induction cooktop, your food will be ready before you are! While your pots and pans heat up instantly, the surrounding surface stays cool to the touch. The induction cooktop is great for when you're entertaining guests and need an extra burner or if you simply don't have a lot of kitchen space to spare. Its sleek design makes it perfect for dorms, apartments, or the office. Plus, it's easy to clean! Cooking your way: with sliding touch temperature control and a 4-hour timer function, the induction cooktop gives chefs complete control. Save time... and energy! Did you know that induction cooking is up to 70% more efficient than conventional electric or gas cook tops? That's science for ya.
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True Induction TI-2C Cooktop, Double Burner, Energy Efficient

True Induction TI-2C Cooktop - Double Burner - Energy Efficient
The True Induction TI-2C Double Burner Portable Induction Cooktop is specifically designed with ease of use in mind. It’s rubber feet allow it to be placed on just about any flat surface to be used. The TI-2C features patented power sharing technology that enables to the cooktop to not only be energy efficient but the convenience off running off of a standard wall outlet. Power sharing works by dividing the power between the two burners at 100/0, 50/50, 80/20, 70/30, etc. This allows the unit to have 1800 watts available to the burners. The TI-2C requires induction compatible cookware to operate. Cookware that has a flat bottom, is between 4 and 10 inches in diameter, and is magnetic. It cannot be used with regular pots and pans. It comes with a limited 2 year warranty and support at warranty@trueinduction.com.
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NutriChef Portable 120V Electric Induction Cooker Cooktop - Professional

NutriChef Portable 120V Electric Induction Cooker Cooktop - Professional Digital Ceramic Countertop Burner w Built in Fan - Works with Stainless Steel - Cast Iron & Other Magnetic Cookware - PKSTIND26
This Ceramic Tempered Glass Induction Cooktop by NutriChef provides convenient & hassle-free food preparation. The tempered ceramic glass cooker features a simple plug-in design that is safe for table or countertop placement. High-powered heating element quickly heats and adjustable temperature controls will help you prepare all of your favorite foods. Additional system features include the front panel touch button controls, LCD digital display, nonstick & stain-resistant cooking surface, along with an energy efficient low power consuming design. Enjoy compact cooking convenience with the NutriChef Ceramic tempered Glass Cooktop. Feature: Simple Electronic Plug-in Flameless Burner Design High-Powered Heating Element Circular Top Panel Heating Zone Quickly Heats for Instant Food Prep Digital LCD Display Screen Countdown Timer Setting Adjustable Temperature Setting Built-in Selectable Heating Function Mode Stain-Resistant & Easy-to-Clean Compact & Space-Saving Style Energy Efficient: Low Power Consumption Safety Certified & Approved Technical Specs: Heating Element Power: 1500 Watt Heat Zone Size: 6.3’’ -inch Diameter Max. Timer Setting: Up to 4 Hours Adjustable Temperature Controls: 176° - 518° Degrees Fahrenheit Construction Materials: Tempered Ceramic Glass, Engineered ABS Power Cord Length: 4.9’ ft. Power: 120V Total Unit Size (L x W x H): 11.3’’ x 14.3’’ x 2.2’’ -inches —— SATISFACTION GUARANTEED —— Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. If this item fails to meet your expectations we will accept it back a full refund within the first 30 days. We also stand behind this product with a limited 1-Year manufacturer's warranty. Contact us If the item should show any defect within the first year we will help exchange it for a new one.
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Professional Portable Induction Cooker Cooktop with Stainless Steel Pot,

Professional Portable Induction Cooker Cooktop with Stainless Steel Pot - Black
touch control;Power supply:110V 60Hz Power:1500W;10-stage power settings,3 Hour timer & Keep warm & Boost;temperature control, High temperature protection;Auto switch off, 4D waterproof structure
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