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Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station - 4-burner

Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station - 4-burner - Propane Fueled - Restaurant Grade - Professional Quality
As outdoor enthusiasts and founders of BLACKSTONE we dreamed of a quality outdoor griddle and/or grill that could cook for large groups and families. In 2005 we made our vision a reality by creating BLACKSTONE PRODUCTS. We then launched the 36” BLACKSTONE griddle that is still popular for backyard cooking and which brings families and friends together for fun and food. Our spectrum of gas griddles and gas grills are popular for backyard living, a BBQ, recreational cooking or commercial grade cooking. Since then, the company has expanded dramatically and created a brand new look as well as a large new line of durable rugged innovative and portable cooking innovations including an outdoor pizza oven and the ever so easy to transport and set-up DASH – and our products will last a lifetime. By using the latest technologies available and complementing them with our own innovations, we feel we have the leading edge on the market in our categories. Our products are designed and engineered in the USA by people who are avid users and live to entertain outside – at home, in the tailgater parking lot or just about anywhere. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and how well they function while keeping the prices very affordable. We have assembled a strong and enthusiastic team with the utmost passion for BLACKSTONE and outdoor cooking including excellent engineers, intelligent industrial designers and uniquely creative graphic artists. We have the capability to make any adjustments to our current lines or create new units all together, tailored around your needs in a very short time in contrast to our larger entrenched old-school competitors. So look forward to future innovations from BLACKSTONE sooner than later. We are more than just another outdoor cooking appliance company that only focuses on the numbers and overlooks the end users by neglecting quality or deferring to accountants. We are here to stay and hope you enjoy BLACKSTONE products as much as we do. You may receive a rear grease or a front grease drain.
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ZLINE 30 in. Dropin Cooktop with 4 Gas Burners (RC30)

ZLINE 30 in. Dropin Cooktop with 4 Gas Burners (RC30)
ZLINE's Professional 30" Dropin Cooktop is complete with a 4 burner gas cooktop for energy efficiency, temperature control, and even-cooking. BTU Ratings: Total BTU = 43,700 Dual Wok -18,000 Rapid Burner - 13,000 Semi Rapid Burner - 8,500 Auxiliary Burner - 4,200
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Frigidaire FGGC3047QS 30" Gas Cooktop, Stainless Steel

Frigidaire FGGC3047QS 30
30" Gas Cooktop with 5 Sealed Burners, Continuous Cast Iron Grates, Express-Select Control Knobs and 450 to 18,000-BTU Center Burner.
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General Electric WX10X10021 Cerama Bryte Gas Grate Cleaning Kit

General Electric WX10X10021 Cerama Bryte Gas Grate Cleaning Kit
Formulated to deliver extra cleaning needed to power through burnt-on deposits on gas grates and burner caps Kit Includes. 1 brass bristle cleaning brush, 4 cooktop cleaning pads, 16 oz. bottle of gas grate cleaner. Not recommended for aluminum burne.
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BrassCraft CSSD45E-72 P 1/2-Inch MIP EFV x 1/2-Inch FIP x 72 In.Safety+P

BrassCraft CSSD45E-72 P 1 2-Inch MIP EFV x 1 2-Inch FIP x 72 In.Safety+PLUS Gas Appliance Connector - 1 2-Inch OD 49 - 100 BTU
Brass Craft's 1/2 In. MIP EFV x 1/2 In. FIP x 72 In. Safety+PLUS Gas Appliance Connector is 1/2 In. OD (3/8 In. ID) with a maximum operating capacity of 49,100 BTU's. This Safety+PLUS gas connector combines excess flow technology with the advanced corrosion resistance of Recoat, to provide a safer gas connector for home and family. In the event of a gas line rupture or disconnect, the Safety+PLUS valve restricts gas flow at the appliance to a non-hazardous level. This immediate action helps avert the potential for a dangerous release of gas into the home. Our stainless steel gas connector is protected with a proprietary polymer coating designed to withstand prolonged exposure to harsh household cleaning, plumbing repair and masonry products. Recoat coating is applied to the corrugated stainless steel connector using advanced powder-coat technology. Unlike conventional dipped or sprayed coatings, the Recoat coating is baked directly on the connector surface at high temperatures to provide a uniform coating over the entire length of the connector. The coating is applied only after the connector has been 100% leak tested, prior to nut and fitting assembly. This process results in the most complete corrosion resistance available.
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Copco 2503-1334 Bella Enamel-on-Steel Tea Kettle, 2-Quart, Red

Copco 2503-1334 Bella Enamel-on-Steel Tea Kettle - 2-Quart - Red
This Copco Bella Tea Kettle stands out in any kitchen with its sleek red enamel finish. Crafted from carbon steel with a porcelain-enamel coated exterior, this kettle is scratch- and stain-resistant. A pleasant, audible plug-in whistle will sound to alert you when the water has reached boil point and is temperature-ready for tea time. A full-loop, heat-resistant Phenolic handle adds to the functionality of this kettle and is ideal for comfort and stability; using a potholder is recommended to protect hands if water has just reached boil. With an everyday 2-quart (1.9 L) capacity, this stovetop tea kettle pot will make about 8 cups of hot water for delicious tea in minutes. With a flat bottom, this kettle is compatible with gas, electric, glass and induction stove tops and features an tight-fitting stainless steel lid to prevent liquid spills and keep water warm for your next cup. Hand wash only.
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GAS ONE GS-2000 Dual Fuel Portable Propane & Butane Double Stove wit

GAS ONE GS-2000 Dual Fuel Portable Propane & Butane Double Stove with NON STICK GRILL Camping and Backpacking Gas Twin Stove Burner with Carrying Case (Stainless Steel & White)
if you're in the market for a safe, compact, portable camping stove, look no further. The Gas One Portable Double Butane Stove is the perfect addition to any camping outing. Regardless of whether you're backpacking through mountains, or simply enjoying a nice family picnic in the backyard, the GS-2000 is the perfect tool. it has two adjustable burners, each with their own individual control, giving complete control over the flame. With a heat output up to 16 ,000 BTU, We guarantee the GS-2000 will ignite a powerfully burning flame! To ensure the cooking experience that is safe and pleasant, the GS-2000 features safety devices like the Cartridge Ejection System and the Gas flow cut off Mechanism. Designed to prevent any gas leaks, The GS-2000 will eject the cartridge and cut off flow when overpressure is detected
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Denshine Dental Lab Equipment Flame Butane Gas Burner Micro Torch Solder

Denshine Dental Lab Equipment Flame Butane Gas Burner Micro Torch Soldering Welder
Alcohol Torch. Torch That Produces a Needle-point Flame with only a Gentle Squeeze of the Plastic Bottle.
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Inducto Dual Induction Cooktop Counter Top Burner

Inducto Dual Induction Cooktop Counter Top Burner
Induction cooking is the most eco-friendly way to prepare meals. No toxins are released into the environment and it emits no flame so less residual heat is produced. Amazon shoppers love the Inducto Double Induction Cooktop. This slim design, portable cooktop allows you to cook conveniently and professionally. Inducto Double Induction Cooktop uses less energy than a conventional gas stove or electric range. Maximum heat setting of 460°F. Plugs into any standard American electrical outlet. For cooking on the road or open water, requires 12.5 amps power from an RV or boat. Works great with enameled steel, iron skillets, steel hot pots, fondue pots, stock pots, clad cookware, and other induction compatible cookware & pots and pans. Features • 2000 Watts split between 2 cooktops, 1800 max wattage per top, Voltage: 120V, Frequency: 60Hz • 8 power settings (140°F to 460°F; 200 to 1800 Watts) • Touch sensitive control with 4 digit display • Built-in 4-hour timer, 24-hour preset timer for scheduling in advance, overheat protection, and auto shut-off • With proper installation, can be used as a drop in unit • ETL certification for UL-1026 standard and Standard CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 64 • Dimensions: 26" Wide x 15.25" Deep x 3.25" Tall, Weight: 14.25 lbs. To check if your cookware is induction compatible: Induction symbol may be printed on the cookware. If a magnet sticks to the bottom of the cookware, the pot or pan is compatible. Induction cookware examples: enameled iron and steel, stainless steel with a magnetic base, cast iron, standard pots and pans with an induction bottom. Examples of NON-compatible cookware include: copper, glass, aluminum, ceramic, and pottery type vessels.
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