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Wells WV-4HS VCS2000 Ventless Cooktop electric (4) spiral plates cabinet

Wells' VCS2000 Ventless Cooktop, electric, (4) spiral plates, thermostatic controls, self-contained hood system, stainless steel construction, cabinet base with doors, front legs, rear casters, cUL (NON-RETURNABLE Item). OWNER RESPONSIBILITY: Before any Wells Mfg. Ventless unit can be powered up for the first time, the included UL300 Ansul fire suppression system must be charged with "Ansulex" and commissioned and tagged by a certified and locally licensed ANSUL Fire Suppression contractor. This commissioning is also the commencement of an agreement between the Ansul agent and the owner and cannot be consummated by Wells Mfg, its agents, dealers or service agencies. Cost will vary by individual Ansul agent and paid by the owner, not by Wells. NOTE: Before purchasing and installing this equipment, Wells Mfg recommends that operators apply for permits as required by local jurisdictional authorities. Required permits vary by jurisdiction and may include Electrical, Fire, Mechanical and Food Service. Permits are the responsibility of the operator and/ or its contractors. 208v/60/3-ph, 8.1 kW, NEMA 15-60P.

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