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Weleyas Portable 1800W Gold Energy Efficiency Electric Induction Cooktop

Weleyas aims at bringing you high quality and safe technology with a healthy lifestyle. We are proud to bring you the products of years of experiences in cooktops, with good designs and at an affordable price. Good for restaurant, school, apartment, and camping. Braise, simmer, stir fry, deep fry, roast, sauté, steam, hot pot, shabu shabu, and even boil water with ease.



1. Power level: 9 (P1-100W; P2-300W; P3-600W; P4-800W; P5-1000W; P6-1200W; P7-1400W; P8-1600W; P9-1800W). Temp. level: 8 (F1-140°F; F2-180°F; F3-260°F; F4-300°F; F5-340°F; F6-380°F; F7-420°F; F8-460°F)

2. Sensor Touch Control: Don't worry about buttons that fall apart or get sticky and stuck. Full glass touch sensor control design means you can control easily by slight tapping

3. Timer Function to Cook Food with Precision: when setting a timer, the power level and the left time will show alternately.

4. Max power is 1800W. Do not use voltage higher than 110V.


Other Important Notes:

1. Cookware bottom diameter should be no less than 10 cm (4") or more than 22 cm (8.7") in order to work properly.

2. If the induction cooktop has been turned on without a compatible pot in place, the unit will beep for approximately 30 seconds, error code E0 will be appear in the Display Window, and the unit will shut off automatically.

3. When the unit is off, the fan may continue running until the temperature of the induction cooktop is below 120°F.

4. NEVER heat empty cookware. This will cause the unit to overheat, damage the cookware and/ or cause the unit to shut off.

NOTE: Requires induction compatible cookware. Compatible with induction ready cookware such as stainless steel with a magnetic bottom, or cast iron. This product does not ship with cookware.

Also check its sister product: Weleyas Platinum induction cooktop. :-)

Weleyas Portable 1800W Gold Energy Efficiency Electric Induction Cooktop Countertop Single Burner with Power - Temperature and Timer Setting - Full Glass and Sensor Touch Control Features

  1. NO WASTED HEAT, COOLER KITCHEN: Kitchen induction cooking supplies the energy directly to the cooking vessel by the magnetic field. thus, almost all the source energy gets transferred to that vessel. Cooler kitchens with a cool stove top. The cooktop itself barely gets warm except directly under the cooking vessel. No more burned fingers, no more baked-on spills, no more danger with children around.
  2. 3-HOUR TIMER and AUTO-OFF: Built-in count-down digital timer ( 1 min increments up to 180 min ). When the pan is removed, the cooktop is going to shut down automatically.
  3. 9 power levels (100W-1800W) | 8 temperature settings (140°F to 460°F) | 120V / 60Hz AC. Temperature indicator: LED Blinks for indicated temperature, and reached temperature LED will become solid
  4. EASY TO CLEAN and SENSOR TOUCH CONTROL: Crystal plate surface, easy to clean and no worry about buttons that fall apart or get sticky and stuck. Full glass touch sensor control design makes you control it easily by slightly tapping.

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