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Tasty One Top: 75 Recipes to Sous Vide, Stir-Fry, Simmer, and Slow Cook

From Tasty, Buzzfeed's cooking vertical, comes 75 recipes, both healthy and decadent, for easy cooking with a One Top, slow cooker, Instant Pot, and induction cooktop. After the Crock Pot, after the Inspiralizer, after the Instant Pot... you have the One Top. On a mission to connect the world through food, Tasty is widely recognized as the go-to resource for fun, innovative recipes that are both easy and delicious. To take their commitment to no-fuss even further, they created a smart induction hot plate that let's you sous vide, pan fry, deep fry, and slow cook with ease and precision. The device is smart, meaning it can sync up with your phone, but there's nothing like having recipes at your fingertips. Tasty One Top features 75 recipes for all skill levels. Keeping with their trademark easy-to-follow style, this cookbook enables you to impress guests, satiate a hungry family, and satisfy for one with minimal effort.

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