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NuWave PIC Compact Precision Induction Cooktop with 9-inch Fry Pan (2-Pa

Cooking should be fun and relaxing not stressful! Let the NuWave PIC transform the way you prepare healthy meals and help you discover a new passion for culinary arts. Regardless of your current skill level, the NuWave PIC eliminates years of practice, giving you perfectly cooked meals every time. Great cooks know that temperature control is the key to great cooking and with the NuWave PIC, you can control the temperature from 100 degrees F to 575 degrees F in 10-degree increments. This is the same induction technology used by the world top chefs who pay $5,000 and up to achieve perfect cooking, every single time.

Plus, NuWave includes a full booklet of recipes with precise temperatures and cooking times so you can make perfectly cooked meals right away, even if you have little or no cooking experience! The most dangerous room in your home is the kitchen and that's why the NuWave PIC was designed with your safety in mind. There are no open flames or hot coils to worry about which virtually eliminates the chance of stove top fires. The induction reaction generates heat directly in the cookware itself which means virtually no wasted heat surrounds the cookware, so the rest of the NuWave PIC's surface remains cool to the touch. This eliminates accidental burns, plus allows you to grab the cool handles easily without oven mitts! Ever forget to turn off the burner after you take the pan off? We all have. Thankfully, the NuWave PIC instantly turns off the heat the moment you remove the pan, making the NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop one of the safest cooking methods available today!

Multitasking Freedom

Since the NuWave PIC lets you can set precise temperatures and time the food, you can walk away knowing it will get cooked perfectly. Use this convenient appliance as an extra stove top burner--it's perfect for sauces, boiling pasta, steaming vegetables and more! The possibilities are endless!

NuWave PIC Compact Precision Induction Cooktop with 9-inch Fry Pan (2-Pack Bundle) Features

  1. No Flames or Hot Coils
  2. Boils Water in 90 Seconds
  3. Uses up to 70 Percent Less Energy
  4. Heats up Twice as Fast as Conventional Oven

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