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Gourmia GHP9530 Induction Cooker Diffuser Plate 9.5" – 3.4mm Thic

It's about time you change the way you cook to a more improved, efficient, and energy saving method without the need of expensive materials. With Gourmia's Heat Diffuser Plate, you will turn your normal cooking setup into a enhanced induction cooking structure.


• Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction
• Evenly Distributes Heat Across Food and Ingredients
• Works with Any Pot or Pan So You Won't Have to Buy Induction Specific Cookware
• Lightweight and Durable
• Energy Saving Technology
• Protect Your Cookware From Damage


It's about time you step away from open flame cooking on your stove and move into something a lot more modern and safer. Induction cooking not only removes the obvious hazards of open flame in your kitchen but also improves the results of your cooking by doing much less. But upgrading is always expensive. Not with Gourmia! Our Heat Diffuser Plate is the ideal accessory to your cooking gear so that you can transform your regular pots and pans into induction-compatible material. That means you spend a lot less time and money on specific tools needed to achieve better cooking. All you need is an induction cooking plate and our inductor plate and you've got yourself a new way to make tasty dishes.


No more worrying about the gas and electric bill - while induction cooking using our Heat Diffuser Plate not only saves you money on cookware, but it saves you lots of money on energy bills! Induction cooking uses as little heat as possible and evenly spreads it across your pot or pan so that you get an great a uniform cook across your meals! Even for sensitive types of food such as vegetables and rice! Once you experience the great results that come with induction cooking and Heat Diffuser Plate, you will never go back to normal cooking again! Get yours today and switch to Gourmia, for excellent quality and better results!

Gourmia GHP9530 Induction Cooker Diffuser Plate 9.5" – 3.4mm Thick Stainless Steel – Use Any Cookware on Induction Stove Hob or Range - Elongated Handle Features

  1. ENERGY SAVING: Shave off a few dollars on your gas and energy bill by switching to induction cooking - our diffuser plate allows you to cook more with less energy and heat for all-around savings.
  2. NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS: Unlike other diffuser plates, ours are crafted to the highest degree without add-ons or coating so no smells or harmful airborne material is created while you cook.
  3. EVENLY COOKED FOOD: The power of induction cooking is that it controls the heat onto your food so it distributes it evenly across the pan or pot without overcooking or burning certain areas.
  4. TURN YOUR PANS INTO INDUCTION PANS: To upgrade your cooking skills, turn any pan in your kitchen into a sweet induction pan using our heat diffuser plate to create amazing tasting dishes.

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