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Boundary 93330 Kitchen Cooktop 1500w Induction, Black

The Boundary 93330 1500W portable induction cooktop uses electromagnetic induction technology to provide a fast and safe way to cook your favorite meals in minutes. Using induction, this appliance causes heat to be generated in the pan directly and not by the cooktop itself, heating and cooking your food up to 40% faster than a conventional electric cooktop or hotplate and with the same steady heat as a gas stovetop. Also, since the cooktop surface is not the source of heat, it cools quickly once the pot or pan is removed, greatly reducing the chance of accidental burns from still hot Coils or burners. The 1500 watts of power can be adjusted in steps in a range of 140 to 464 degrees F (60 to 240 degrees C) using the intuitive touch screen display and the built-in timer can be set in 1 minute increments for durations of up to 4 hours. A safety alarm will sound to alert you whenever your cooktop is too hot or if the cookware placed upon the surface is incompatible and an automatic shutoff feature will power down your cooktop after a short time if nothing is Detected on the surface. For a quick and easy way to check if your cookware is compatible, check it with a refrigerator magnet. If it sticks, your pan is compatible and you're clear to start cooking. Perfect for use on the countertop or on the patio for outdoor cooking and even camping at sites with access to electrical power.

Boundary 93330 Kitchen Cooktop 1500w Induction - Black Features

  1. Touch screen display - intuitive touch screen display with built-in timer and temperature lock feature
  2. 1500W of power - 1500 watts of power ensures your food is cooked quickly and evenly, every time
  3. Wide heating range - adjustable temperature range of 140 to 464 degrees F (60 to 240 degrees C)
  4. Portable cooking - easily portable cooktop provides a quick, safe way to cook your favorite meals

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