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00637940 Bosch Appliance Rubber Foot with Adhesive

00637940 Bosch Appliance Rubber Foot with Adhesive
This manufacturer-approved surface burner grate pad set (part number 00637940) is for ranges. Surface burner grate pad set 00637940 contains the four pads that attach to the bottom of the burner grate to prevent the cooktop from being scratched. Wait until the surface is cool to the touch before installing this part.
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True Induction TI4B 4 Burner Cooktop, Black

True Induction TI4B 4 Burner Cooktop - Black
The TRUE Induction TI4B 30 inch 4 burner induction cooktop is an energy efficient induction cook top that offers the perfect union of a sleek design and advanced technology. With quick response times, even heat and instant heat adjustments, the True Induction 4 burner 30 inch counter inset induction cooktop is a state of the art cooktop at a better value than the competition. The high quality and affordable price is what made True Induction the brand used by Winnebago RV's and other RV manufacturers. Induction cooking utilizes magnetic-based technology that generates heat by a magnetic circuit that connects with ferrous metal (steel/cast iron) cookware and allows the heat to be generated by the cookware being used. This process is extremely energy efficient because the cooktop does not produce heat, which is a very energy intensive process. It also enables rapid heating times with cookware heating evenly in 45 seconds and water boiling in 90 seconds Optimal cookware has a flat bottom and a diameter of 4.5" - 12 inches. Quick test for induction compatibility: A magnet should be able to stick to the bottom of the pan. If it can stick it will work. Some of the key features that separate the True Induction TI4B 30 inch cooktop from the competition include True Inductions EZ touch controls, a simple user interface, a durable German made Schott-Ceram ceramic glass cooktop as well as many safety features. The EZ touch controls is one of the main features that separates True Induction's 30 inch 4 burner cooktop from the competition. Most cooktops require users to learn a master set of controls to control each burner, whereas True Inductions EZ Touch controls are intuitive as each set of controls is for a specific burner.

INDUXPERT Portable Electric Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 9100 (Ma

INDUXPERT Portable Electric Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 9100 (Magnetic Cookware Only)
Only Works with MAGNETIC COOKWARE.A Better, More Versatile Induction CookerWhether you're a professional chef, or merely a hobbyist who prefers to use finer kitchenware around the home, you know how important a quality stove burner is.Our 120V, 60 Hz Induxpert Induction Cooker offers the perfect blend of features and craftsmanship that results in a superior cooking experience that is always the same, each and every time. We know you want a burner that is simple to use, yet versatile enough to accommodate a broad range of pot and skillet sizes, while also adding in some smart safety features.The Induxpert Induction Cooker has a wide Heating setting range, spanning 200 - 1300 Watts across 8 levels. This allows you to cook at both low and high temperatures, and bring water to a quick boil within seconds at the Level 8 Heat setting.The burner also handles pots and pans ranging from 4.7 to 10.2 inches in circumference. This gives you the flexibility to use a wide range of sizes.Numerous Convenience and Safety FeaturesWhat good is an induction cooker if it lacks helpful features?The Induxpert Induction Cooker has a built-in pot detection system and a timer that can be set anywhere from 1 to 99 minutes, allowing you to focus on other things going on in the kitchen when need be, for up to three full hours.We take safety seriously as well, and made sure to include several features that can ensure safe operation in any scenario. The Induxpert Induction Cooker has a built-in child-lock feature that locks the burner and keeps your children safe around it.Add to Cart Now and have your very own Induxpert Induction Cooker sent right to your doorstep, ready to be used in the kitchen that day.Boil water faster, cook more consistently, and have peace of mind as well. Order yours today!
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NET8068UC 30 Electric Cooktop with 17 Different Cooking Level Settings 4

NET8068UC 30 Electric Cooktop with 17 Different Cooking Level Settings 4 Elements and Heat Indicator Light
NET8068UC 30 electric cooktop offers 17 different cooking level settings for pricese control The bridge element accommodates oblong pans and many diameters of cookware Each zone39a timer automatically shuts off when cooking is done
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Bosch NGM8665UC 800 36" Black Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop

Bosch NGM8665UC 800 36
This cooktop features five sealed burners fueled by natural gas Also includes a kit to convert for Liquid Propane fuel Automatically re-ignites if the flame goes out during cooking
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Bosch NET8666UC 800 36" Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop

Bosch NET8666UC 800 36
800 36" Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop
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Bosch NIT5066UC 500 30" Black Electric Induction Cooktop

Bosch NIT5066UC 500 30
The 500 Series induction cooktop is sleek in design and offers quick and even cooking results Need to heat something fast The 11 heating elements offers 3600 wats of power for rapid boil and fast heat results Each element has an individual independen...
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New Flexible Kit Phone Mobile 45 in 1 Torx Precision Screwdrivers Repair

New Flexible Kit Phone Mobile 45 in 1 Torx Precision Screwdrivers Repair Tool Set
This 45 In 1 Phone Repair Tool Is A Must Have For Most Families And Technicians. Our Item Is Designed For Repairing Mobile Phones, Hard Drives And Other Accessories On Your PC. Our Item Is Fine-Designed And Has A Light Weight And Thus Easy To Carry With. A Necessities For Both Household And Professional Use. Specifications Weight: 12 OZ Storage Box Size: 6.3" X 4.3" X 1.2" Point: 1.5 Material Of Bits: Nickel Plated Steel Length Of Rubber Handle: 4.5" Length Of Flexible Extension Shaft: 4.7" Length Of Extended Bar: 4" Specification Of 7 CRV Socket: M2.5, M3.0, M3.5, M4.0, M4.5, M5.0, M5.5 Package Include: 1 X Extended Bar, 1 X Rubber Handle, 1 X Flexible Extension Shaft, 7 X CRV Socket, 35 X Screw Driver.
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NIT8068SUC 30 800 Series Induction Cooktop with 4 Elements AutoChef Inde

NIT8068SUC 30 800 Series Induction Cooktop with 4 Elements AutoChef Independent Countdown Timer and SpeedBoost in Stainless Steel
This 30 Induction Cooktop from the 800 series by Bosch comes with 4 elements that includes an 11 cooking zone and 17 power levels It also features an AutoChef program that continuously regulate and adjusts the temperature during frying a countdown ti...

Bosch 00650847 Cooktop Burner Knob

Bosch 00650847 Cooktop Burner Knob
This manufacturer-approved burner knob (part number 00650847) is for cooktops. Burner knob 00650847 lets you control the heat of the surface burner on the cooktop. Remove the knob by pulling it straight off its post.
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